Well, this one is going to be short- had put together a long-winded explanation of why the whole “Fake Geek Girl” phenomenon is a load of crap- had several solid pages, some @lizekatz shoutouts and pics, quotes, and a nice little dissection of “Mr.” Harris’s bullshit…  and then the interwebz ate it.

So, yeah, the short version.

Even if a few girls cosplay explicitly to get male attention, (and I’m not sure any actually go conventioning to do this- seriously, cons are a pain between lines, odors, etc…  you don’t go to a con unless you want to), these are such an infinitesimal amount as to not warrant mention- unless we want to start looking up the percentage of convicted felons…?  Yeah- wouldn’t prove anything except a that there is small percentage of the group’s population it’d be better to ignore.  (And better to treat each member as an individual, not extrapolate a few rotten apples to the whole barrel, yes?)

And, of course, we can’t include models nor actors, whether in a film or working the booth at a con; that’s a job- geek or nerd cred is based on what you want to do, not the work you do.

So, what SHOULD you do?

Don’t be a dick– if a female is going geek, talk to her like any other fellow geek.  You won’t prove anything by grilling them except your own lack of self-confidence and social skills.  Likewise, if you see someone “Pulling a Harris”, don’t protect her ala a White Knight, but attack the flank- call him on his bullshit, in public, ideally in the middle of his dickery.  He might not learn his lesson, but hopefully he will at least shut the hell up- a net positive all-around.

Actually, to expand on Wil Wheaton’s law, let’s expand it ala Asimov:

  • A geek may not be a dick, nor through inaction, allow another geek to be a dick.

I think @wilw will approve.