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6th Day of #MizuMas!

On the sixth day of #MizuMas, my #houseape gave to me…

     Six Balls-a-Rolling

     Five Mice on a Striiiiiiiing…

     Four Cheesy Snacks

     Three Inches of Snow

     Two Times Outside

     And a Warm Lap just for Me =^.^=


This is more of a test page, but anyway…

Hey there!  Welcome to my blog.  Chances are, if you’re reading this, you already kinda know who I am.  First of all, this is the “real” Sephiroth144- did the google thing a few days ago, and since I don’t know Croatian, (think it was Croatian), I’ve got no idea who took the username for something or other…

My next post in a few hours will be about the Writer’s Strike.  The good, short news, its pretty much over.  The bad news, it was a compromise contract, which means no one won.  Details forthcoming.

Peace, and see you shortly,