President Obama with a Lightsaber Ah, President Obama- while it might have been a bit of a slip, (and letting on that you are indeed a uniter, not a divider- being both a Star Trek and Star Wars fan, apparently), I say, let’s run with this!

I’m calling on the (official) authors in both series to kick slide it into a book a some point.  But, as different things- I’m not saying go all fanon and bring Vulcans into Star Wars, or Midichlorians into Star Trek- I’m saying something ala…


* The Vulcan mind meld has always been a secretive, guarded skill and event; the je’Dai mind meld doubly so, as not only does it have the “normal” risks of the mind meld, (such as brain damage or Pa’nar Syndrome), but adds in concerns about fusing the minds into one host and leaving the other comatose, as well as being able to affect other sensitive minds in a certain range.  However, it is much stronger, able to overcome trained or telepathically powerful minds of greater strength than a normal mind meld ever could

* The Jedi Mindmeld (Force Mindmeld) is a form of mental merging and telepathy, typically between a Jedi/Sith and a normal sentient, in which the J/S is able to join their minds to share all the experiences between the two sentients.  Comes with great risk, but the rewards (or needs) can overpower worry about the danger.  Not a darkside skill per se, but moreso practiced by them when normal Force Telepathy doesn’t work- or to enhance pleasure between two sentients.


Spock rocking the Jedi Garb




Let’s be about it…